These are the services I’ve been invited to attend in 2022.
All are on Sundays and start at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated.

January February March
9th: Wallsend

23rd: Seaham

28th: Chester le Street
(Friday 7.00pm)
13th: Seaton Delaval

20th: Philadelphia

27th: Eden Progressive, Gateshead
6th: Craghead, 6.00pm

10th: Pegswood, (Thursday 700pm)

13th: Cramlington, 6.00pm.

20th: Widdrington

27th: Newcastle Spiritual Evidence Society

29th: Willington (Tuesday, 7.00pm)
3rd: Norton Christian Spiritualist Church

10th: Chichester Christian Spiritualist Church, 6.00pm

24th: Grange Terrace, Sunderland

27th: Gateshead Consecration (Wednesday, 7.00pm)
6th: Chester le Street
(Friday 7.00pm)

8th: Willington

15th: Blackhill, 6.00pm

23rd: Heaton & Byker, (Monday 7.00pm)
12th: Eden Progressive, Gateshead

15th: Philadelphia, (Wednesday 7.00pm)

26th: Widdrington, 6.00pm
7th: Pegswood, (Thursday 7.00pm)

10th: Wallsend

17th: Newcastle Spiritual Evidence Society

20th: Seaton Delaval, (Wednesday, 7.00pm)
14th: Willington

21st: Cramlington, 6.00pm.
4th: Craghead, 6.00pm

11th: Heaton & Byker

18th: Norton Christian Spiritualist Church
2nd: Widdrington, 6.00pm

9th: Chichester Christian Spiritualist Church, 6.00pm

16th: Philadelphia

30th: Eden Progressive, Gateshead
6th: Blackhill, 6.00pm

13th: Newcastle Spiritual Evidence Society

20th: Grange Terrace, Sunderland
4th: Seaton Delaval

5th: Heaton & Byker, (Monday 7.00pm)